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Cloud Region improves workflow and allows them to work wherever you need them


Flexible Working Arrangements

Many businesses are benefiting from increased productivity and loyalty by affording staff flexible working arrangements.

However, providing staff with secure and reliable access to company phone systems and email whilst at home or on the move can prove a challenge. With Cloud Region, your staff members are no longer bound by regular office hours; they can put in time around the clock with full access to the same resources that are available during regular business hours.

Harness Creativity

With time and energy freed up by Cloud Region, employees will also have more latitude to be creative as well as more productive. One of the best ways that the cloud improves productivity is through a more integrated and connected staff than ever before. Cloud Region allows for instant and comprehensive collaboration among your employees and teams designated to specific projects.

After analysing the time savings generated through the use of Cloud Region Voice telephony, we found that an employee saved nearly three days per year due to the technology’s positive contribution to productivity.

Temporary Staff

If you employ temp staff or contractors from time to time, we can set up a Cloud Region account for them in less than one hour. If you supply their name and access details, we can integrate contract workers into your organisation quickly and easily, without the need to buy new equipment or to spend time creating new user accounts.

You have better things to do than managing your phone and IT systems. You stay in control of cost and direction, while we sweat the details. By combining your voice and data solutions into one unified network, a business can enjoy diminished management costs, streamlined productivity, increased ease of collaboration and other major benefits.


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