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Cloud Region helps you respond to the changing needs of your business


Empowering growth.

As your business grows, the last thing you need to be worrying about is scaling your systems.

With Cloud Region, any changes to your immediate needs can easily be handled. If your business grows, simply add users to Cloud Region.
If your business needs to downscale, simply remove users.

If you are opening a new branch office, rather than configure a whole new IT or Phone system, simply add Bluesky users and your new office can be IT/Voice operational immediately.

Adding a new user is a painless experience (a simple click of a mouse) and requires no support staff to be at your premises.

Furthermore, costs associated with system growth are incremental compared to the cost of traditional IT.

Only pay for what you use.

With Cloud Region, your capital costs are limited to the purchase of new user licences; there is no cost for new hardware, expensive labour or other network infrastructure.

Cloud Region is an ‘elastic’ service and scales and descales with your organisation so that you only pay for what you actually use. Overall this should lead to reduced overheads and the ability to respond rapidly to the changing needs of your business.


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