Cut Costs


Slash up to 80% off your current phone bill, while future-proofing your phone system.


Say goodbye to the monthly heart attack.

Businesses spend roughly 10 percent of their net budget on telecommunications, and as such, Cloud Region has the potential to drive major savings and business innovation.

Almost immediately, you will notice a reduction in call costs by up to 80% over legacy systems. By streamlining traditional delivery platforms—two separate wiring systems for voice and data—to a single connection, Cloud Region also simultaneously minimises infrastructure costs.

Our per user, per month payment structure removes any large up-front capital expenditure, allowing you to budget for the future with confidence and channel greater resource into growing your business.

Because Cloud Region Voice is software based, as opposed to hardware PBX based, it can harness simple software upgrades rather than total replacement as equipment ages. This results in significant long-term savings.

On-call computer support companies increase their profit when your network breaks. Our business model, based on a monthly fee, ensures that we work extra hard at maintaining your systems and preventing issues before they occur.


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